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I am a community outreach professional raising two daughters with my husband in an old house on an isthmus. I wake early to practice yoga, I cook dinner for my family, I bike most places I go, and I believe that happiness is a life skill. For me, that means seeing what is going on and engaging creatively with people and places. I write about it at BetweenTwoLakes.com


I live in Madison, Wisconsin with my family. There are a lot of playgrounds here, which makes Madison a pleasant and livable city. In fact, Madison has more parks per person than any other U.S. city. I believe that fact is worth celebrating. These green, public space contribute to the quality of life we enjoy. The city’s park history and legacy is something to be proud of.

When a playground near my house was being redesigned, I got involved in helping to select the new equipment. In the process, I searched the internet for interesting and innovative examples. With other neighborhood friends, I considered the strengths and limitations of playgrounds as we know them. I started coveting certain play structures. I now feel disappointed that so many playgrounds are so dull, common, and cookie-cutter.

We’ve crowned ourselves Playground Tourists, and we set off on adventures large and small.

Like all kids, mine like playgrounds. When we travel to other cities, I find myself seeking out interesting places to play. Not just for them, but for me, too. We’ve become playground tourists.

Along the way, I’ve been observing how kids use the playgrounds and doing some further thinking and reading on the subject.

Madison Playground Review is where I share what I’m thinking about as we explore various playgrounds around the city (and sometimes beyond). Maybe you’ll find it useful, or even inspiring. I hope you’ll share your own thoughts and adventures. Maybe together, we’ll find ways to push for public spaces that are truly playful, fun, and creative.

Thanks for reading!


PS: We pick our playground visits haphazardly and post erratically. We are just having fun, after all.

Links to lists:

City of Madison Parks A-Z list of playgrounds

A Field Guide to Madison-area Playgrounds from Isthmus (2006)

Playscapes is where to get inspired by play + art + design!

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